With 18 Consecutive Victories this season, can Djokovic Remain Undefeated in 2020?

April 6, 2020

The global coronavirus outbreak prompted the suspension of the tournament. According to the latest announcements from the ATP and WTA, the tennis tours will be postponed to June 7. This means that from now until the beginning of the game, there is a blank period of nearly two months.

However, even that doesn’t change the huge success Djokovic has achieved this season. Statistics show that Djokovic has won 18 consecutive victories in three tournaments, including the ATP World Cup, Australian Open and Dubai.

After defeating Tsitsipas in the men’s singles final in Dubai, when the host asked Djokovic what he thought of his fantastic start to the 2020 season, he revealed his greater ambitions.

“I actually have a bigger goal this season and I want to remain undefeated throughout the year.” He said with a smile.

Following the post-match press conference, Djokovic once again revealed his current status.

“I feel very good right now. I think this year is one of the best match seasons in my career. I’m in good condition on the hard court. I’ve won a lot of matches in a row and I’ll try to keep up the momentum.” Djokovic added.

In fact, this season is not the best season of his career. According to relevant data, the Serbian won a stunning 41-game winning streak in 2011 before losing to Federer in the French Open semifinals. Before then, he has won seven championships in the Australian Open, Dubai, Indian Wells, Miami, Belgrade, Madrid and Rome.

The following are the relevant figures for Djokovic winning ten consecutive victories or more from the start of the single match season:

2011 — 41 consecutive victories, losing to Federer in the French Open semi-final & ended the record;

2020 — 18 consecutive victories, the current record continues;

2013 — 17 consecutive victories, losing to Del Potro in the Indian Wells semi-final & ended the record;

2016 — 14 consecutive victories, withdrew from Dubai quarter-final against Lopez;

2012 — 10 consecutive victories, losing to Murray in the Dubai semi-final;

Djokovic’s 41-game winning streak in 2011 is the best result for professional players since McEnroe’s 42-game winning streak in 1984. Despite losing to Federer in the French Open, Djokovic still won three Grand Slam singles titles at that year.

People are looking forward to John breaking a new winning streak. Djokovic said he needs a lot of release: “I need some time to relax my body and mind and build mental momentum to win more.”

However, although Djokovic is keen to break his 41-game winning streak this season, but the current epidemic is affecting the 2020 season, everything is out of control.