Lionel Messi

Always hurt? Messi has been playing with injuries, the cause of anger becomes clearer

April 6, 2020

A lot has happened in Barcelona in the past two days. Throughout Messi’s entire career, we have rarely seen Messi have such anger. Messi’s anger was directed at the actions of the Barcelona’s top management, who have spent a lot of money on transfers over the past two seasons, but the results were not outstanding. During those two seasons, Barcelona signed young players such as Mutinho Dembele and De Jong. These players together cost Barcelona almost 300 million euros, but the results are not ideal.

Big news broke in the past two days, that is, the captain of the team and the core of the team Messi, has been playing with the injuries in recent games. It can be said that Messi’s body is already very tired. If Messi continues to play with injury in recent games, his injury is likely to continue. For Barcelona, there are already a lot of injured players in the team and there can’t be any more injured players especially the core Messi. However, for the current Barcelona, it is also facing the embarrassing situation that no one is available. It can be said that Messi is now takes the initiative in many games. After all, in Barcelona’s current lineup, Messi is the first core no one can replace.

The biggest problem facing Barcelona now is the state and the strength of the substitutes. Compared with Real Madrid, there is a huge difference in the strength of Barcelona’s players. It can be said that Real Madrid will continue ahead of Barcelona in the next few seasons, so Messi is worried for Barcelona now. Now among Barcelona’s front player, once there is an injury, they will face a situation where no one is available. For the next game, Messi, Griezmann and the young player Fadi may be playing all the time, and it will be more difficult for them to have a rest.